Please help this local student film, Act II


Who: Production Club at UW-Milwaukee

Production Club at UWM is a student organization that specializes in giving students professional on-set experience. Along with bringing in guest speakers to teach students various aspects of the film industry, Production Club also spearheads a high production value short film project each school year. Through networking and collaboration in the club, students are able to create fantastic professional partnerships and gain lifelong friends.

This year, Production Club continues to expand the educational opportunities we provide our group members as we move into production on our FOURTH original short film!

The Story:

Act II is a mixture of comedy and mystery that highlights a wide variety of eccentric characters that reside in the theater atmosphere. After the end of the first act of a performance in a run-down, off-off-off-Broadway theater, a journalist must discover who is behind the attempted murder of the egotistical lead actor before intermission is over.

Why They Need Your Help:

Production Club has been allocated grant money from UW-Milwaukee's Student Association in order to produce this short film. However, grant funds have strict restrictions and may only be used for certain items - in this case, just the rental of our camera package. Since it takes more than just a high end camera to make a quality film, we need extra funding for necessary supplies to kick up the production value and make the best film possible.

Your Support Will Help Fund...

Location Fees: This year we plan to film in a theater, and renting out a space for the amount of time we'll need to use it may prove costly.

Art Department: In addition to general wardrobe, props, and dressings for the various locations inside the theater, we want to create a set for the play within the film! This will require that we purchase various building materials, paint, etc. A theater is a large space to fill, and with funding we can create something spectacular! Aside from locations, this is where most of our budget will likely be spent.

Craft Services: Long hours of shooting make for a hungry crew, and a good meal works wonders! If we can purchase food to provide to our members on set, we can ensure that everyone stays energized and the filming process can keep running smoothly.

Our Cast: We want to be able to compensate our lead cast members for their time on set, and these payments will have to come out of our Kickstarter budget.

Your Rewards: Part of our Kickstarter budget will go toward purchasing and shipping some of the physical reward items for our backers.



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