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Since 2009 with "New Day; by Jason Williams and R. Michael Gull the Milwaukee Independent Film Society has also used some of our open spots to help give local filmmakers a chance to premiere their feature film. Previous feature presentations include: "Port of Call" by Glen Popple, "Broken Orbit" by Patrik Beck, "Gretel" by Tom Muschitz, "The Wayward Sun" by Jozef K. Richards and "White Wind" by Dan Wilson and Brooke Maroldi.

This program is to help filmmakers, we supply the venue during our key event so those costs don't fall onto the filmmaker, this includes insurance as well. Plus, they get 50% of the ticket sales. That money can go to recouping production costs or positioning your film for a potential sale. We also promote your film along side of our signature event, the longest running film festival in Milwaukee for Milwaukee filmmakers, you don't have to compete with 20-30 other films in the festival circuit. Having money in your pocket after you screen your film to a packed audience is a good thing.

If you are a Milwaukee Filmmaker and you have completed a feature, or will by Junet 1st, 2019 please contact us. We want to help you get your work seen by an audience.

Ross Bigley


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