Help this local film, The Sonatina

While working at a dead-end job, a young man rediscovers his passion for music.

Two years ago, we successfully funded The Cucaranchula with your generosity and support. Since its completion it has won the Artistic Achievement Award in the Milwaukee Short Film Festival, Best Comedy at the Wildwood Film Festival, and was included in the Short Film Corner at the 67th Cannes Film Festival.

Now, we'd like to make another short film about the importance of following one's dreams: The Sonatina.

Twenty-five year old Chris Westfield works a dead-end job in a resale shop. It pays the bills and keeps him busy, but he dreams of something more…

One day, quite by accident, he rediscovers his passion for music. Despite his age, his boss, his years of not playing, and the discouragement he gets from his friends, Chris doesn't give up. However, in order to get this music off the page and onto the screen, we’re going to need your help!

The Budget Breakdown is as follows:

$350: Covers your rewards for contributing. They're pretty awesome!

$450: Covers wardrobe, make-up, and props.

$500: Craft services (good filmmaking requires a lot of energy!)

$600: Transportation (including moving a piano to and from the location.)

$600: Compensation (a safety net in case anything needs to be replaced.)

Anything else we're able to raise will be enormously helpful as well!

The total comes to $2,500.00. So please help us allow Chris to escape from his mundane existence, and pursue his talents!

Risks and challenges

We're very proactive, and always think ahead to make sure that certain obstacles can easily be avoided. For instance, our location and shooting dates have been secured, and the cast and crew have been asked to clear their schedules way ahead of time. We're already well into pre-production: script-breakdowns, shot lists, rehearsals, you name it!

Every independent filmmaker fears the worst: A key actor or crew member will drop out, or the location will no longer be available. Everyone involved is deeply committed but if this does occur, we'll just have to postpone the shoot until we get everything back into place. Whatever happens, "The Sonatina" WILL get made!


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