Help this local film: Venus Rising from the Undertow

For Julia, it was just another recon job. Then Venus, her long dead partner, walked out of the ocean. No turning back now.


All the photography is done and the visual story edit is complete.


Finance the sound finishing of Venus Rising from the Undertow with the help of the professionals at Independent Studios, Milwaukee.


Two locations were chosen for the the principle photography, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Fernandina Beach, Florida. Each of these lead to a depth of visual beauty that is really quite marvelous. These locations also left very distinctive sound signatures. The wonderful waves of the beach completely drown out the dialogue making it necessary to rebuild the sound track from the ADR up.


Independent Studios in Milwaukee is on track to take on this job. Once funds are secured the project can get onto their production schedule. The goal is that Venus Rising from the Undertow will be complete by the fall of this year.


41 people have contributed to this project with their time and talents; everyone from the crew and cast, the antique cars used to race through the streets of Milwaukee, to the community theater at Fernandina Beach. The best way to complement their work is by finishing the sound to the highest quality possible.

Not Funded = Not Finished

Up to this point this project has been self funded along with a lot of help from others. But now 'VENUS' needs financial help to complete the film .

I have had the opportunity to work with Independent Studios twice, once for Collective Cinema, Milwaukee and once a commercial project. The final results of both of those projects were just so much richer. Independent Studios' sound work really completed those film's stories in a way that I could appreciate, but never duplicate.

'Venus' has been a project of love, determination and the generous work of so many talented people. My biggest concern is that by not completing the sound track to the best quality possible, the work of others will not be seen. The whole process has been one where people's generosity has been evident at every turn. I am hoping that interested people will see the value of this exciting film and choose to help us finish the job.


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