Kickstarter or Indie Go Go

Through the past few years local filmmakers have often asked me which platform is the best, Kickstarter or Indie Go Go. I do have my preferred choice and its Indie Go Go.

I've been apart of four campaigns there and all but the first one had been successful. If you don't reach your goal, you still keep what you raised and put that towards your production.Kickstarter has the prestige and the community, but you don't get your funding if you come short of your goal. I've seen too many Kickstarter campaigns fail in the past couple of years with those filmmakers trying to figure out how to keep their productions going.

But if you still thinkKickstarter is for you, or you choose Indie Go Go, you need to do more than set up a campaign. The reason why my first campaign wasn't successful and that my others were was diligence. You have keep at it. To treat spreading the word as a full time job. Indie Go Go gives you pointers and statistics, one of which is that it takes around 25 posts before a potential funder takes action. People are hit so much with so much information these days it takes effort to break through. You also need your cast and crew out there plugging away in their circles. That broadens your reach. Gives your campaign more eyes.

Plus utilize every aspect of your own social media, Linkedin, Twitter, Goggle +, your own production's facebook page as well as your personal one. Plus fundraisers are a key component, and local media such as bloggers and social event sights.

This all ties in to make your crowdsourcing campaign pay off. As well as unique perks that entice potential funders, that make them want to be apart of the experience. Everybody does a copy of the DVD and poster, think what you can do to set your campaign apart from all the others.

So, good luck. I hope you all run successful campaigns.


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