We may be in the middle of this year's festival, but it is never to early to plan the next event. For years we've made few changes to our signature event, but with current trends going on we've decided to adopt what's happening with other festivals into our format.

1. New Running Time limit.

In the past we've accepted films running no longer than 20 minutes, now that limit is 15 minutes. I'm a filmmaker as well as a festival director and I've seen more and more festivals hitting that 15 minute mark. The 20 minute limit has always been a problem with us because it limits the amount of films we can show in a two hour block. Yes we could lose a great 20 minute film that deserves to be seen, but the truth is more films means more seats filled during screenings.

2. Date of completion changes.

We've been lax in this department taking films a few years old, not any more. The date of completion must be with in a year of the current festival session.

Thank you, more changes to be announced soon

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