Please Help This Local Horror Film!

The New World Horror is a Wisconsin-based horror film currently in pre-production. A stylish take on the zombie genre, shot in B&W, with tea party zombies!

We are a group of committed filmmakers, digital storytellers, artists, actors, musicians, writers, and rabble-rousers brought together by Adam Schabow (Blogging Blue, Dane101, Rants Without Pants, The Shabelles, Christmas in April). Schabow's frustration with the current political landscape of his home state and country, along with his love of classic horror films, inspired the idea for The New World Horror.

The New World Horror is a full-length Wisconsin-based film shooting in the summer of 2014. A stylish take on the zombie genre, with a nostalgic feel and respect towards cinematic details, it tells the story of eight strangers who find life turned upside down when a demonic virus from hell transforms those at a local Tea Party rally into zombies. It’s Night of the Living Dead-meets-Evil Dead as the survivors band together to fend off the approaching End Times.

A host of local actors and artists lend their talent to the film, including Dana Pellebon (Madison Performance Collective), Jennifer A. Grundy (Quasimondo Physical Theatre Co., Chamber Theater), Steve Golla (The Amateur Monster Movie, Snowflakes), Greg Johnson (Mediatrix, Hole in the Wall), Tawnie Thompson (Don’t Go to the Reunion), Carmela Weise (Incest Death Squad), Joe Price (Garage Spore) and Harris Lemberg.

Director: Adam Schabow

Produced by: Adam Schabow, Steven Renfro, Fernanda Loaiza-Renfro, Kathleen Kosiec, Jason Dean, Sarah Bartash

Produced through Laundry Basket Movies and Amateur Space Invader.

Marketing: Sarah Bartash (Belle the Cat, Dane101), Kathleen Kosiec (Dane101,, and Jason Dean (, Outside the Brain Studio).

WE need you!!!!!!! We need people that are crazy about zombies, independent filmmaking, and Wisconsin filmmaking to help us make the best film we can. TNWH has a full cast and crew, most of our equipment, plus an amazing script, but we need funds for production. We feel we have a modest goal here on Indiegogo, but we want to be as transparent as possible about how we are spending your contributions. Contributions raised here will go right back into the production of this film, and your contributions will help us make the highest quality movie possible, including funds for the following:

-BLOOD!!! (The more you pay, the more we bleed)


-food for cast and crew during filming-money for distribution

-more blood, prosthetics, and make-up for our zombies -props-marketing


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