Help this local film: Tough Cookie!

What's "Tough Cookie" You Ask?

Tough Cookie is a short Grindhouse film being created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Midwest filmmakers from all different backgrounds. We're coming together to make a Bad Ass project that we want to submit to the Comic-Con film festival.

Here's a short synopsis:

Former Troop Sister member Madge is dragged back into the criminal fold when a territorial war breaks out between the Sisters and their rivals, the weapons-dealing Troop Brothers.

It's a tale of murder, deceit, sexy ladies, special recipes, and badges, lots of badges...

Why They Need Your Help

They're asking for $10,000. Quite simply: we want to make something Amazing and we need a little extra help.

The money will pay for:

Food: Oh, glorious food. We need to eat with the long hours of dedication we put in on set. Otherwise we're just a bunch of irritable people with cameras.

Wardrobe: We need to pay for those uniforms! The less fabric the better (wink wink), but we still need help to make 'em great.

Art Direction: Taxidermy and custom cookie boxes galore!

Props: These Troopers need some ridiculous camp weapons to make the battle EPIC!

Equipment: We have access to a lot of toys already, but we really want to push this over the edge!

Plus, shooting on a RED Camera will require a lot of hard drive space.

Travel/Lodging: We would like to offer our wonderful cast and crew compensation to get to and from set.

Why Should You Give a Hoot?

Can you really make this happen?

If I give you my money, will it be worth it?

hat's why we made a TRAILER. Instead of us rambling on about what we could do with the proper funding, we wanted to show you what we would do. So watch our Extended Trailer, and you can decide for yourself if we're capable.

If you like the Trailer, imagine if the Trailer got beaten with an Awesome Stick, swirled around in OMG Sauce, and topped off with some Whipped That Sh** Cray.

That's what we're going for and we want YOU to be a part of it.As we said, we want this to go to COMIC-CON.

So there is an End Goal in mind, and we are hellbent on making it happen.

Not to mention our Baller selection of Prizes. Check out what we're offering and Earn Your Badges. We can't stress this enough... YOU are a part of TOUGH COOKIE!

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word about the project.

We're on all the Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc), we have an Official Site, we have/will have shorter versions of the Trailer for you to share onYouTube, and we're going to be CONSTANTLY sharing new content with our fans.

We would sincerely appreciate you Joining the Troops and donating to our project. But even if you just give us a Shout Out to your friends and family, we are beyond grateful!



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