"THE WAYWARD SUN" - World Premiere!


6823 W. North Avenue Show starts at 10:00pm,

Doors open at 9:30

All Tickets $5 - Purchase Online or at the box office.

Rated: Unrated (drug use, adult themes)

A young woman named Wren finds herself lost in the desert after she and her two druggy friends flip their jeep in a remote part of Mexico. In their attempt to reach the nearest town by way of the desert, a symbolic journey unfolds as Wren begins to hallucinate, envisioning Death is stalking her in various forms: as a demon and an enchantress.

From two Stellar local talents: Jozef Kyle Richards, the writer and director of "The Amateur Monster Movie"; and featuring the visual effects wizardry of "Broken Orbit" director Patrik Beck.

Written, Directed, & Produced by Jozef Kyle Richards

Run Time: 91 minutes ( I hr. 31 minutes)

Stars: Emma Bernhoft, Jozef K. Richards, Emily Pohl, F. Justin Horton, and Bruce Spielbauer as "The Cactus"

For more info, visit the King's Tower Productions Website: http://www.spadeheartclub.com/index.html


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