The Milwaukee Premiere of "White Wind" is this November.

The Milwaukee Independent Film Society is proud to sponsor the world premiere of "White Wind", the new feature film by Dan Wilson and Brooke Maroldi.

White Wind Synopsis:

Sprawled at the edge of dairy farm country, a primordial marsh shelters countless endangered species, including a burgeoning whooping crane population. Sam ventures into the marsh with his camera. Although the area seems deserted, Sam has several unnerving encounters with two strange men. As they grow increasingly threatening, Sam simply tries to return to his car and leave the marsh. Has he stumbled upon a conspiracy that threatens the marsh, its inhabitants, and even his own life? Sam becomes so unhinged that he can no longer tell the difference between what he has captured with his camera or conjured with his mind.


Brian James McGuire, Rick Fresca, Jay Hoard

White Wind will be a special presentation during the 14th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival on Friday November 9th at 9:15pm. Lubar Auditoriun, Milwaukee Art Museum.

#danwilson #brookemaroldi

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