MARNKino Kabaret kicks off this Friday! Make a film in 48 hours.

Calling All FIlmmakers, Musicians, Writers, Actors!

This week! 11-11-11 MARNkino Kabaret will kick-off.

This is a 2-day filmmaking challenge. The theme will be announced at 5:30 Friday at MARN. There are no entry fees to participate in this event.

Then join us as we screen the films Thursday 11-17 at the Times Cinema at 7pm.

• There is no cost to register.

• Filmmakers/team leaders can register in-person at the kickoff on11-11-11.*

• Filmmakers who absolutely can't attend the kickoff may register inadvance by contacting MARN


Filmmakers who dothis will not get the theme in advance of the kickoff and will not getaccess to the Milwaukee Music Library in advance; this information will be communicated to them either during or at the close of the live kickoffevent.

*Film Rules

• Films must be turned in on DVD by 5:30pm on Sunday 11-13-11, alongwith a 1-page form, which is provided at the kickoff.*

• Films must run 7 minutes or less including credits, and the creditsmust include the MARNKino logo, which is available on website.

• Films must incorporate the theme, which will be revealed at thekickoff, and must be produced during the 48-hour period.

• Filmmakers may only use materials (for example images, locations,music, etc.) for which they have secured permission to use

.• Films can't include any material that could be considered X-rated.

• Filmmakers who choose to use music from the Milwaukee Music Librarymust credit the musicians/groups exactly as specified in the Milwaukee Music Library

(which will be made available to filmmakers at the kickoff.)

They must also provide a copy of the film on DVD to each of themusicians/groups whose material is used in the film.


• The Kabaret screening will be held at 7pm on Thursday 11-17-11 at theTimes Cinema on 60th & Vliet.*

• All films that follow the rules will be shown in a single screening.

• Films that could be considered R-rated will be shown in the secondhalf of the screening, to accommodate potential participation andattendance of kids.

• *Tickets for the screening are only $3 each.

• Milwaukee Hot Club will play for a closing party held immediatelyafter the screening.*


• At the screening, the audience will be given ballots, and audiencechoice award prizes will be presented--including one FABULOUS top prize tobe announced at the screening.

*What is Kino?

*The word “Kino” comes from the Greek word for “movement,” and is a slangterm for “cinema” in several languages. Born in Montreal, Kino began aswhat founder Christian Laurence called a “jam session for filmmakers.” Hechallenged his friends to make one new short film per month, every month through out 1999. But when the year 2000 came, they didn't want to stop.

By 2002, a new venue was required because more than 400 people were showing upeach month to see the films. Soon the concept became an international movement, and new Kino cells continue to spring up in cities around theworld.

1999: Montreal

2002: Paris; Hamburg; Madison, WI

2004: Lausanne; Toronto; Berlin; Vienna

2005: Adelaide; Lyon; Bordeaux; Louisville, KY

2006: Sydney; Toulouse

2007: Montpellier

2008: Barcelona; Ougadougu (Burkina-Faso); Mainz; Dresden

2009: London; Majunga (Madagascar); Bratislava; Zagreb; Whitehorse, Yukon

2010: Casablanca; Helsinki; Managua (Nicaragua); Amsterdam

2011: Marseille; Brussels;


Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) is now sponsoring a Kinomicrocinema in Milwaukee.

Screenings are held on the third Thursdays ofeach month at the Times Cinema on 60th & Vliet.

The Spirit of Kino*

Kino is about more than providing a monthly venue for filmmakers to screen short films, or providing a unique local indie microcinema for film goers.It's about creative freedom and collaboration, and about a collective of artists producing new films with little or no means.

Kino cells arelaboratories for artistic experimentation and development, and for creating and showing films without constraints.

Monthly screenings motivate the artists, and act as a catalyst to inspire new work.*Kino Kabarets*Kino cells typically hold an annual Kabaret, or 48-hour filmmakingevent. During these events, participating filmmakers receive a theme, andhave 48 hours to complete and turn in a new short film that incorporates the theme. The event ends with a screening of the films and closing party.


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