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June 5, 2014


Petty Cash is now available to rent or own on Amazon, hit the link to buy!










Petty Cash now on Amazon to buy!

October 27,  2013


Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale won Founder's Choice at the 2013 Wildwood Film Festival, and. . .


Best Short Film at the South Dakota Film Festival  

Yellow Hill wins top honors!

No Touchie Touchie Wins Best Comedy!

March 26,  2011

Thank you Wildwood Film Festival! What an honor!






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March 2010




Rogue Cinema





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October 29, 2010

From the October 29th Milwaukee Journal.



Read the OnMilwaukee story on Petty Cash

Read the OnMilwaukee story on Petty Cash

October 25, 2010

Published on October 25th.


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September 24, 2010

From the Onion AV Club


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International Star Bai Ling Joins our feature film, Petty Cash

September 18, 2010

(Milwaukee) Dirty Job Films and Reign Supreme Entertainment is proud to announce the addition of International film actress Bai Ling to the cast of Petty Cash. Bai Ling ( Crank: High Voltage, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow , Anna and the King and ABCTV's Lost) will play Coco, a lonely sad soul who falls in a circle of violence. She will shoot her scenes at the end of September.


Petty Cash is written and directed by Ross Bigley, (president of Milwaukee Independent Film Society, festival director of Milwaukee Short Film Festival) Produced by Janet K. Beasley (How High, Modus Operandi), Shaylse Dominique (How High, Modus Operandi), Craig McCarthy and Timothy J. Lonsdale (Pushing Daisies, Charmed, Species) The film also stars Cyn Dulay (Satanic Panic, Baggage), Nathaniel Ross (Flawed, New Day) Robert WC Kennedy and Edy Cullen (The Violinist, Incest Death Squad 2)


Petty Cash will premiere October 30th.

Pass The Salt in Wildwood Film Festival

April 12, 2010

The Third Choice  video, Pass The Salt made it into the Wildwood Film Festival. May 1st 7PM.


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